When to Opt for PCB in Class 11?

Here are some answers on what basis you can make the selection process easier: Which subjects to be taken in class 11th – PCM, PCB or PCMB? Medical or Non-Medical stream, which is better and has more benefits?

The instant answer is that
Take PCB if you want to study medicine after class 12.
Take PCM if you want to pursue engineering after 12th standard.
Take both (PCMB) if you are not sure what you want to study after the 12th. If you like to do courses in basic sciences, then you can choose your preferred subjects accordingly.
When to opt for PCB in Class 11?
If your dream is to become a doctor, then it’s a requirement that you need to take medical stream (PCB). If you are clear that Math is not your cup of tea, you don’t have much desire to pursue engineering, you like studying Biology, in that case a medical stream is a good option for you to opt for the PCB subjects in class 11th. Science subjects in class 11th are Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry.

When to opt for PCB subjects’ class 11?

When you are clear PCB career options about what to pursue after 12th like engineering or medicine and if you are sure you want to become a doctor. Then you can opt for the PCB Course.

To opt for these PCB subjects in class 11, one should pass in their 10th standard from any of the boards. The eligibility criteria is different in every institution but the basic criteria is one should possess the minimum pass percentage to get admission in any of the PCB course providing institutes.

Skills one should possess
Good drawing or artistic skills
Better remembrance power
Using scientific methods
Advantages and disadvantages of PCB subjects in class 11
The best advantage of the PCB course is that the PCB career options one can serve the nation as becoming a doctor and would be helpful for improving good health and hygiene conditions in particular place and will also be aware of all the functioning of the human body. The disadvantage is that you should always be available for your patience at any time. 24/7 availability is required which would lead the individual to stress and a busy lifestyle.

When to opt for PCMB subjects’ class 11?

Once you clear your 10th standard, the next step is to select which course to opt for. If you aren’t sure of your future career options. Yes, you can choose all 4 PCMB subjects in class 11 which are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math. If you are not sure about what to pursue, like to pursue medicine, engineering, or any other science course then you can choose both Biology and Math (PCMB). You can prepare for both the entrance exams which are IIT-JEE and NEET at the same time. It will be tough to study Math and Biology combined, but it’s doable and some students have cleared both entrance examinations.

The eligibility criteria for the PCMB subjects in class 11 is one should qualify in their 10th standard with a minimum pass percentage of above 75%. Then only they can apply for the 11th admission.

Skills one should possess
It requires both the skills of science and non-science. They are Comfortable in solving Math problems, Problem-Solving & Scientific Reasoning, technical Knowledge, Reality check, good reading habits, application of concepts in day-to-day life, good drawing or artistic skills, better remembrance power, Classifying, Predicting, and Using scientific methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of PCMB subjects in class 11
The basic advantages are you can have a grip on both the streams of medical as well as non-medical

The disadvantage is that if you have decided or are in the process of deciding to take up all four subjects together i.e., PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology), let me tell you, it’s really a big step to take because you have to balance all the tough subjects.

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